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Upload your selfie using the form below. We will store it according to HIPPA compliance in a deidentified way. It will only be used to identify your facial feautures for the sole purpose of the construction of a custom, 3D printed mask.

Instructions for taking your selfie.

The iMask system uses a reference object in the picture to determine the features on your face. During the iMask process, you will upload your selfie with a reference object (a quarter) and perform a series of operations that tell us where facial landmarks on you face are. This ensures that ANYNOE can use iMask. You do NOT have to have 3D camera.

To take your selfie, face the camera straight on, and hold a quarter under your chin. Be careful to keep the image as straight on as possible. Do not smile. Think, "driver's licesnse photo".

Once uploaded, we will provide you with the following tools to tell us where your facial landmarks are.

  1. Crop Photo - Crop your photo so that it is just you and the quarter in the selfie.
  2. Tell us where the center of your face is. - Move the red line to show the center of your face.
  3. Find the quarter - Move two lines to surround the quarter in your picture.
  4. Top of nose - Move the red line to the top of your nose.
  5. Middle of chin - Move the red line to the middle of your chin.
  6. Middle of Cheeks - Move the two lines to the middle of your cheeks.